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For us, wine and everything around it is a bit of a family history, and we are truly grateful to our grandfather and father for having educated us to taste from an early age and teaching us to walk this path, an infinite journey, as complex and tiring as it is simple and soothing. 

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Bottiglie di vino

The wine topic is complex and tiring yes, because from production to tasting, it contains infinite variables; from the vine to the vineyard, from the root to the branch, from the stalk to the grape, from the skin to the grape seed, to move on to the potential of the place, the climate, the microclimate, the soil and continue in the cellar with the vinification, a procedure as ancient as the world but which requires immense knowledge, physical effort and supernatural gift; then the refinement, the choice of the suitable container, the time, the ability to deal with it and the bottling, with the choice of glass, cork, label; everything to reach that fateful moment: the corkscrew that sinks the worm and releases the juice, the tasting, the real final exam, where everything is revealed and everything is concentrated, the glass, the environment, the scents, the flavors, the notes , the agreements, but also the mood of the moment, the personal experience, the memories, the company, the paired food. In wine, everything affects everything and is influenced by everything else.

However, we also understood how simple and soothing the subject is, because after all you can drink a wine and enjoy it to the full, or simply move on to the next bottle, giving you joy, making you serene and proud of your passion, with that little awareness that for most of the world, in reality, that will remain just and only a "glass of wine".



It was 1949 when Guido Bruni, our grandfather, founded the “Casa Vinicola Bruni” in San Gimignano, where he began to produce Chianti flasks, hand-stuffed by the women of the town, which will be sold all over the world.

In the following years, our father continued to sell Vernaccia di San Gimignano and Chianti by opening two wine shops.

We have always followed him from an early age on his travels to discover the wines and gastronomic products that he made us taste every time, and this passion has driven us to this day.





Today, more than ever, we believe it is right to value the importance of food ethics. We mean the synergy of nature with Mother Earth as the center of our universe. Natural, Organic, Biodynamic, seem to be the new labels of goodness, for us the normality. We see the changing of the seasons as a supernatural gift. We exalt the farmer, the breeder and the peasant dignity. We honor the identity of the territories. We respect and share the effort of those who put effort into the work they do. We dedicate all our time to the study and research of superlative products, going to the places of origin and traveling without ever ceasing to know and learn.  This makes us proud of the work we do. For us, what really matters is to make our customers understand that ingesting food literally means assimilating it, making it part of your body, absorbing its properties, whether they are positive or negative. For this reason, choosing what to take must be of primary importance.  

Awareness of this is the only true gastronomic culture.

Alberto and Stefano